[Video] Get Some – Nikki McKnight (@706Nix)


  Nikki McKnight continues on her journey making an impact for herself in the Indie music industry as a female emcee. Not only does she continue to beat the odds, and do numbers, but she does it all while being true to herself.   Staying focused on her music, educating herself along

[Video] Lebron – Juice BillionZ (@JuiceBillionZ)

  Sports and music have always been one in the same, though different. Just ask Shaquille O’Neal, Master P, or Kobe Bryant, making that jump isn’t easy, on either side. The two have always carried a great respect for one another, though, as both have always praised the other heavily.   Las

[Video] WUMI – Boogs Malone (@BoogsMalone) Ft. Rome

The number of American troops killed in Afghanistan and Iraq between 2001 and 2012 was 6,488. The number of American women murdered by current or ex partner for that time period 11,766. -Huffington Post   Those are frightening numbers and I feel like it's not talked about much. Instead of wondering how

[Video] Killin’ Me – Queens of Kings (@QKMusic)

Queen of Kings is on a mission to captivate you, shock you, dance with you, and inject your heart with emotional music.   In 2010 Sirena and Auggie began their journey by performing, touring, and winning over doubters at every venue across the long highways of Texas. By way of their relentless

[Video] Brig (@Brig650) On My Own Directed by 25/Eight Films

  Hip Hop artist Brig of Palo Alto, California continues to lay his foundation in the indie music industry. On a continuous grind with producer Bardo Beats, Brig releases a new track "On My Own". The track speaks on the doubt from others, fakes, selfishness, and other stigmas within the industry, and society.   Check out the