[Video] DUTY – THE QUEENDOM (@QueendomReign)


        Two royal entities Rocket Rhonnie and AUDIADASOUND, natives of Atlanta, a city known as the "black mecca of the South" continue to bring the force. Since joining forces, these two queens have developed a chemistry that is undeniable, and ready to set if off.  Bringing the flame from The Queendom, they

[Video] Get Some – Nikki McKnight (@706Nix)


  Nikki McKnight continues on her journey making an impact for herself in the Indie music industry as a female emcee. Not only does she continue to beat the odds, and do numbers, but she does it all while being true to herself.   Staying focused on her music, educating herself along

[Video] Lebron – Juice BillionZ (@JuiceBillionZ)

  Sports and music have always been one in the same, though different. Just ask Shaquille O’Neal, Master P, or Kobe Bryant, making that jump isn’t easy, on either side. The two have always carried a great respect for one another, though, as both have always praised the other heavily.   Las