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We Against The World – The Florida Don (@1FloridaDon)


The Words of Florida Don

“By now the lane being created by The Florida Don with his brutally honest and conscious music is beginning to come into view with the release of the breakthrough mixtape “We against the World”

Craig West aka The Florida Don born in Ft. Myers Fl but raised in Jacksonville Fl, wasn’t set on adding to the already over saturated gangsta rap market but to shake things up with a laid back but aggressive flow on songs like

“Counterfeits” and “Like they used to” he shows disdain for the so-called gangster hypocrites and wannabes while in other places show a deep passion and love for his people and their struggles with tracks like “They just need some time”,”Locked up” and “On the Screen”.

We Against the World is designed to be one of those 90’s type CDs that you could put in every morning when you wake up, and just let it ride from front to back because it reads like a book or a well produced movie. So go in your quiet space put on your headphones and roll up because you are in for a journey. #DonStatus #DonMusic LETS GO!!!!”

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