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Winter Survival Tips

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For those of you living in warmer climates I know you luck at us northerners and dream what it would be like to be up here with us enjoying winter.  You imagine the fun of building a snowman, sledding and snowball fights.  You think of us sitting by a hot fire on a cold winter night sipping on hot chocolate and marshmallows.  You wish you could go on a date wearing the latest winter fashions while ice skating.  You must have the idea that winter in the north is one big Hallmark Christmas movie.


At times it is but there is a price that comes with it.  Driving in the winter is very different than in warm weather.  In the morning you must clear the snow off your car in order to make it to the layer of ice you will need to scrape off.  Don’t forget your ice scraper.  On the really cold days you’ll need a can of de-icer to unfreeze your locks.  In some extreme cases you’ll need to put chains on your tires for traction. The temperatures not only go below freezing but in some cases its recommended you not go outside to avoid death.  You won’t see potholes until it’s too late because the snow covers them.  Energy bills soar through the roof trying to stay warm.  Salt used to treat the icy roads can eat away at your car, clothes and carpeting. The worst is leaving your home in the dark to go to work only to leave work and it is dark once again.


For the rest of you living in the winter states these things can be mentally taxing to anyone.  It’s important during the winter to avoid deep valleys of sorrow and to “stick with it” during these dark months.  Here 10 tips to feel alive during the dead months.


10 Take Vitamin B12 –  In the winter it’s easy to feel tired and fatigued.  Vitamin B12 can give that extra kick especially if you have a B12 deficiency.  Seafood, steak, yogurt, eggs, avocados, chicken and turkey are good sources of vitamin B12.  If you are a vegetarian you are most likely lacking this vitamin.  Find a good B12 supplement instead.


9 Take Vitamin D – With the lack of sun in the winter your vitamin D levels can plummet.  Vitamin D controls your mood.  With a shortage of Vitamin D it can be easy to slip into a long state of sorrow. Seafood, milk eggs and mushrooms are good sources of Vitamin D.


8  Enjoy Hot Food – The middle of July is not the best time to enjoy a hot bowl of soup.  Make use of the time in the winter months to enjoy dishes such as soups, stews, casseroles and other hearty comfort foods.


7 Tax Returns – There isn’t anything wrong with a little retail therapy in moderation.  If you do get a nice chunk of change from Uncle Sam and you wish you buy or do something for yourself, make sure it’s a long term purchase.  Something that is momentary may only give you temporary enjoyment.  Something that you can continually use is a better option.  Television, computer, car, treadmill or any other permanent purchases will feel better months after.  If you do something for the short term make sure there are lasting memories attached to it such as a trip.


6 Redecorate or Rearrange – During the winter people spend most of their time indoors either at work or at home.  To add some change during the winter redecorate or rearrange your office or home.  The visual change or switching of your routine can break up the monotonous days of winter.


5 Vacation – Sometimes people need to escape winter literally.  Plan a trip, even a small one, to a warmer climate to give yourself a break.  If that’s not an option find the nearest zoo or museum with a tropical climate house and enjoy warmer temperatures for at least a day.


4 Enjoy the Holidays – Make the most of the holiday time and celebration.  Fully immerse yourself in all of the festivities for a good mood.


3 Enjoy Indoor Activities – Catch up on movies at home or the theater. Go see a basketball or hockey game. Enjoy a play or spend the day at the mall.  Get these things out of the way now so when the weather warms up you can enjoy outside.


2 Spend Time with Friends and Family – Being around loved ones can make the winter fly by.  Meet up with friends.  Hold family dinners.


1 Cherish the Time – Time is the most valuable commodity of all time.  If you are in a rut, find something to do.  Do the things you always wanted to do.  Exercise. Write. Pick up the hobby you always wanted to do.


Before you know it winter will be over and it will be time to enjoy time in the sun.


Robert J. Moore


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