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Who Is Sir Nasty?

Born in Berlin, Germany  Jan of 1983, Sir Nasty recognized his ear for music when he was five years old. Every since that moment he has become musically inclined. Now residing in Macon, Ga, Sir Nasty wrote his first song in 1992 after a Geto Boys concert. He was so inspired by the music being performed in front of him the energy motivated him to continue moving forward. More inspiration came when Nasty was booed off stage during a talent show hosted by Andre 3000. Andre approached him and told him to “keep doing you”. With that he continued to strive but experiences like that will help explain some of the quote unquote rage in Nasty’s music. The Hater Factor is what Nasty calls it, also know as the Non Supporter Factor. “We all have it but it’s the way you deal with it that makes you champion” is what Nasty says.
Nasty keeps an open mind not only about music but life itself. Some get offended by the messages delivered through his music. When really he’s only speaking to those who aren’t real to whom they are. Don’t matter the race,  fat, skinny, gay or straight just be true to whom you are. Society is already so cruel so why give more reason than need be. If we all keep faith and be real to self maybe there wouldn’t be so much negativity.  “That’s what music does for me, keep me in touch with life, REALITY”.

Nasty feels music has lost it sense a bit, meaning a lot of gimmick rappers. All that snap 
music, he’s really not with it, so don’t be alarmed of his opinion. Artists that have inspired  Nasty are people like Marilyn Mason, Systems Of A Down, Nirvana, Tech N9ne, just to name a few that give him that goth/rock side. Sir Nasty is definitely a ladies man, so artist such as Tyrese, Usher, Dru Hill, Silk, Joe, Silk, Mya & Tony Toni Tone help give his appeal and  understanding when it comes to women.  His favorite artist of all time hands down is Bone Thugs N Harmony!!! However many Hip Hop artist today inspire him as well. Lil Wayne, Andre 3000, T.I., Ludacris, Snoop & Eminem just to name a few.
Nasty doesn’t look for his music to change whom you are. Music is meant to tell a story of inspiration, therefore that is definitely his goal. Nasty had the will, guts, and balls to write and produced a Gospel Cd that hushed many of his critics. Along with 40 plus mix-tapes combined with many genres and styles. Nasty mixes it up when you say mix-tape. You’re going to hear hip hop, rock, street, a little country [twang] in there and don’t forget the RnB twist for the ladies. Sir Nasty is as real as you can be. His music is not in the form of a small box and is very unique.


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