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[VIDEO] @VocabSlick – “Colorful Vocab”

Representing the California Bay Area, Distant Relatives artist/member Vocab Slick presents the music video for the HG produced single, “Colorful Vocab” from his Somethin’ Slick EP. Vocab told our PR reps that Colorful Vocab is a “raw, back-to-basics-style song.” He goes on to say, ” I didn’t even really want to do a chorus for the song – just wanted the raw beat and lyrics and that’s it, but I sent it to DJ Tony Tone anyways to see what he would do with the joint, and I’m glad I did.” Somethin’ Slick is available on iTunes here.

colorful vocab | | Twitter [@vocabslick]
Twitter [@dave9nine] | Twitter [@chosen_f3w] | Twitter [@djtonytone]

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