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[Video] STRUGGLE – Mack Strong (@MackStrong3)


COLUMBUS, GA | JANUARY, 2018 – Fresh off the FIEcrū stove,

Mack Strong cooked up a strong one on this track “Struggle“. When is the last time you heard a song a the radio, that talks about issues you can relate to, other than taking drugs or shaking your butt? Right! I’ll wait for an answer on that one.

What is the meaning of struggle to you? Has the feeling of struggle kept you down? Well Mack Strong says, “you keep your head up homie.”




Not often do you hear a male rapper discuss the heartache women feel when they fall in love with a deadbeat, playing games with the heart, making it hard for the next. Mack Strong continues on to talk about knowing the feeling of showing love to those that don’t show you love you back. Letting the homies in prison know to keep their heads up.

Some of our favorites about the track is, when Mack gives shout out to the single mothers, and then he tells who ever is listening, “you can be whatever that you want to be, I hope you be yourself, never be a wanna-be..”.

The overall message, delivery, and production on this track is worth adding to one of your playlist.




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