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Video: Running – Nicotine (@nicthecig)

Queer Afro-Latinx songstress Nicotine (real name: Brianna Zepeda) is an unflinching songwriter who expresses stories through her insightful observations and sheer vulnerability. The Houston born and raised R&B artist has now released her debut visual Running. The track appeared on her An Open Letter EP released earlier this year.

Running is a poignant endeavor as Nicotine pilots through the workings of life’s unknown obstacles. The song carries a certain type of spiritual glow. Allowing for light to shine through in places that have been dark for way too long. Still, beneath these sharp sonic currents is a lyrically raw, stark, and striking portrait of life on the run. The kind of life you didn’t sign up for as you look to find a new home wherever that maybe today.


Directed by Mexican-American director Leo Aguirre who follows Nicotine contemplating life through a series of locations in her hometown. From motels, to the open fields, this video depicts the adversities one may face while finding their way. The video, which is shot like a coming-of-age indie film, is the ideal companion piece to the song’s ruminating themes of life’s perplexing variables and unforeseeable outcomes. 




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