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[Video] Man In The Mirror – Mack Strong (@MackStrong3)


Man In The Mirror

The latest released single ‘Man In The Mirror‘ is meant to send a message to the younger generation. Wanting our future, the youth to know, just because times can be hard, especially from the beginning of any new journey, does not mean it won’t get better in the near future! 

The video’s purpose it to show how Mack Strong has face crossroads as well, but during those challenging moments, he chose to use his mind, instead of the impulsive action of taking a life. 

As you watch this video, you cannot help but to be draw in by Mack Strong’s passion for what he does. Nothing about him is a gimmick. This young man is here and ready to take on this journey, as it was made for him. Pay attention to the creativity, listen to the lyrics, and most of all, beware of being mesmerized by his unique voice. 


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