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[Video] Buxaburn (@Buxaburn) Matches

Buxaburn (aka Warbux) is a Hip Hop recording artist from Santa Ana, CA, promoting his new album: Matches  Produced by A-Rush.   Buxaburn the seasoned veteran is heavily influenced by Reggae, Funk, Rock n Roll, Blues and Soul. 


Once being a member of a Rock Band, and a Gangster rap group at the same time, makes Bux a very dynamic, socially aware, and street-smart artist. One who blesses the music with message, but manages to let the good times roll at the same time.  You will hear multiple styles of MC’ing, and a very high level of skill, energy, and delivery, when tuning into Buxaburn.



Have you seen his promo video “Matches”?

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