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Veronica (@BeingVeronica) – What Happened (New Music)

Former Disney starlet VERONICA is making waves with her new single “What Happened”.

Oftentimes, the evolution of a pop star can seem a little too fabricated. Our minds question whether or not this newfound change is a tactic to reinvigorate one’s career, or if it’s at all genuine. It’s difficult to give attention to, and even more so embrace, the new music of an artist that seems entirely manufactured. When an artist’s evolution is natural, and in this case, a necessary advancement, it’s truly an exciting thing to witness. This is why Toronto’s own Veronica, is beginning to turn heads.

Veronica started her career as a teeny bopper. She was a charming, mini pop star, whose music videos were placed between shows on the Family Channel, a popular television station in Canada. Her bright-eyed persona was geared towards tweens, who tuned in everyday after school and watched her sing on-screen. It was fruitful for a while. The gig garnered a loyal fanbase, and ultimately, allowed Veronica to tour and hone her skills. Behind the scenes, however, Veronica knew that she wasn’t like the demographic her music was constructed for. She has since admitted that she felt discouraged and unhappy during this time.

At the age of 18, Veronica left her Disney roots to pursue her passion independently. Now 20, Veronica is crafting the type of music that she’s wanted to her make entire life…her own music.

Check out What Happened now:

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Twitter: @beingVERONICA

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