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Trapped In The Trap – Rebel One (@RawProds)


TRAPPED in a TRAP (Homeless)
Remember the brokeness, Aint have a pot to piss in
Mustiness in my clothes so, whatever I asked you never listened.
Dissed me on cold days, At night the streets would glisten
Fires in trash cans till police came, sirens meant no permission.
You can’t be here. Pack it up and move on. Now!
Officer, this is my home, tell me leave, I’m askin how
Daring to get locked up, defy the authorities
Cuz in lock up I can eat and sleep, at night lately its been 4 degrees.
My rights? Shit, never afforded me
By 6 I was institutionalized, and likely live to be euthenized
Likely be released, tracked, kept on a short leash
I’ll get caught again, brought in for loitering at the beach
Beat cops make killings off quotas, get promoted for arrests
white-collar criminals roll over, get off by strokin checks
You smell it from afar, the goddamn city stank
Brown boys behind bars, the goddamn piggy bank.

The CO is the bank teller , maintaining till your BID ends
Live stocks traded from Pen to work sites til you or construction ends
Slave labor, went from gang bangin to chain gangs
Brains stained with thoughts, animals like a brigade of orangutans.
It’s all the same thang, street life or clink life
It’s all a setup, you’re trapped if you blink twice
Half the block got records, on house arrest, no passport
So how the fuck can you touch white, you cannot go past the porch.
Trap within a trap, the game is rigged so You lose
It’s top ramen till pressure soars, or get paid. You choose
Racists and elitists run for Pres, it all on the news
America hates your skin brother, wanna bleach your hues.
If you’re poor there’s War coming, you can smell the fumes
Democracy on fire, fight for your life… or be doomed.

-Rebel One

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