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The Wah Wah Collective (@thewahmama) – Narita For Tokyo


London based group The Wah Wah Collective Blessed us with an amazing wave of beautiful energy in the urban/electronica submission “Narita For Tokyo.” Coming to us from the artistically acclaimed debut album “Cry Baby Soul,” Narita For Tokyo has an eclectic, really feel good energy about it; much like a listen of Mandalay, Morcheeba, or Cafe del Mar. Their sound to me is a pure liberation of art. In a time where almost everyone wants to label or shove things in a box, The Wah Wah Collective’s powerful fusion of Electronica, Nujazz, Neosoul, Latin, and more reflect the beauty of creative freedom. “Cry Baby Soul as a play on words refers to the ‘crying wah sound’ of the wah wah pedal. It represents the fender rhodes bass sound that is present throughout the album,” says the label. Here’s a bit more detail about The Wah Wah Collective from their label, I-innovate.
Narita is a Japanese word and describes producer Georgeyo experiences living in Japan in the 00’s. The song features vocalist Natasha Stark and is a part of an oriental theme found on the ‘Cry Baby Soul’ album. The diversity originates from band members working within different music genres. Band member ‘The Elusive’ once worked for rock band Iron Maiden, while other band member Mathieu Karsenti provided music to National
TV shows. 
After playing this video back three times, I’m now sold on downloading the album, and I must agree “A Little Wah Wah Ain’t Gonna Hurt Nobody!” Grab the album on iTunes, Amazon UK, or Soul Brother vinyl today!
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