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Book: The View From Where I’m Sitting by Swordz (@Swordz904)





Swordz is a Hip-Hop artist from Jacksonville, Florida with a charismatic, unconventional approach to his artistry. Being exposed to music at an early age, he quickly fell in love with Rap music and was easily taken by all the culture had to offer him. Soon enough, he noticed the distinct correlation between it (the culture) and his very own coming of age process. Not only did it feed a healthy thirst for expression and creativity, but it also provided solace and guidance. Invaluable moral codes and golden rules that would rival any Lao Zu quotation found. Understanding its importance early on, he carried these same codes with him internally, and exemplified them through music. Growing WITH as well as withIN the culture, he understood more than anyone how effective and profound the messages given could and would resonate–be they positive or negative.


From an artist’s perspective, it became frustrating to see other artists portray themselves as “reality rappers”, yet shy away from this exact realism. When asked about music and its influence, not only affecting kids’ behavior, but society as a whole, these same rappers who will lead you to believe that they are the “realist” whatever in a song they sell you, will respond with a cocky “It’s JUST entertainment..” This book is written like a journal, compiled of a group of colorful, collective thoughts. Though not autobiographical by category, it offers a look on some pivotal moments in Swordz’ upbringing; where he and the culture were at the time; how they grew together; what he learned from it; and how far we may or may not be removed from our foundation from his viewpoint in introspective detail. You will journey through his thought process as he sheds light on exactly why energy and intentional usage of words in music within the culture is so important, and why artists need to be held more accountable for them.

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