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The Rising – Nikki McKnight x KING KAMAAL



The Rising


The Rising is the second collaborative release from top-notch rappers Nikki McKnight and KING KAMAAL.  

Did you check out An Awakening?  Before listening to The Rising?

The Rising starts out with track that instantly lets you know there will be substance spit on the beat. While there are no “club bangers’ by any means, songs like “No Man” and “Take A Moment” are  definite reflection tracks and meant to be heard through headphones by thoughtful and intelligent minds.

“Keep You” is a soulful and insightful track that lets you into the life of the person behind the artist, which is refreshing in today’s formulated Hip-Hop single scene. The project is rounded out by “Be Alright”, a ballad to hard times and the strength that every person has to conquer them.

The entire project could be described as “woke” if you lack better description, but to be honest it’s just a realistic look at the world  through the eyes of two artists who are not afraid to speak their truths.

If you are looking for auto-tune melodic music with very little real rapping, THIS IS NOT FOR YOU. If you love meaningful lyrics and beats you can bob your head and think to, THIS IS A PROJECT YOU NEED IN YOUR LIFE.

All in all this is a feel good project that proves rappers still rap and Hip hop is not all flashy lyrics and buzz words. This duo is definitely one to keep your eyes on. Together and individually for many years to come. The Rising .

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