[Audio]: Thinking About You – Marga Lane (@MargaLane)

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Marga Lane creates authentic and heartfelt songs with an emotional rawness rarely found in music today. Upon graduating from the esteemed Berklee College of Music in Boston, native New Yorker, Lane moved to Los Angeles to further pursue a career as a professional recording artist and songwriter.   In 2015, Marga Lane began compiling what would

Video: The Shooter – Frankie Storm (@FrankieStorm_)

If you passed her on the street, you would think you had just brushed by a young, tranquil girl with a cute smile. You'd probably never guess that you'd just narrowly avoided a category-five cyclone. Yet this creative whirlwind with an unassuming demeanor and smile has already generated an astounding

7 Things To Know About ‘Empire’ Star, Singer V Bozeman

If you've been watching Empire, you’ve already been blown away by V. Bozeman's powerhouse vocals. This beautiful singer's vocals on the show has probably left you wondering, "Who is this girl?!" The 27-year-old "Race Jones" singer spoke with ESSENCE.com about her past projects, her partnership with Timbaland, and what’s coming in her

New Single by Keeyen Martin (@KeeyenMartin) – Suitcase


Suitcase is a record for the dreamers, movers, and shakers! This song comes from an honest space of simply wanting better.  Everyday people are faced with opposition on living their dreams. This record encourages just that! It's an uplifting, feel good anthem that’s super catchy with a groove. The infectious phrase