[Mixtape]: The New Toronto 2 – Tory Lanez

Not many were surprised by the release of 2 mixtapes by Tory Lanez on New Year's Day, seeing as though he's blessed us in such a way in the past. Releasing The New Toronto 2, and Chinxtape 4, sequels to last year's releases The New Toronto, and Chinxtape 3.     The Toronto superstar hooked

[Mixtape]: Something I Put Together – Supreme Ace (@SupremeAce_)

      Back with a follow-up to his breakout project, Trill Influence, which dropped a year ago, Supreme Ace releases his new mixtape "Something I Put Together".       The Fly District, has a strong presence with Rob4Real appearing on the inspirational “Pray 4 It” and TurnaOneTake sharing a verse on “Show & Tell.” Fellow Denver artist Ryan

[Mixtape] CHEMICAL X – JAGUAR XX (@PilotClubJaguar)

  Music in the soul transcends language and can be heard by the universe. Music its mathematics & balance. We need drama to keep making music. Never mistake our silence for ignorance, our calmness for acceptance, or our kindness for weakness.   CHEMICAL X                   

[Mixtape] THE ONE & ONLY – Jus Da One (@JUS_DA_On3)

  Doing what he loves, originally from Brooklyn, NY, now residing in the Caribbean, St Vincent, Jus Da One says, "music is life". Following behind the release of The Island Life , Jus Da One hopped back in the booth to create the recently released mixtape The One & Only. Check it out