It’s A New Year by Sir Nasty

Graveyard Entertainment is ready to drop a track no matter the occasion. As they begin 2015, Sir Nasty releases yet another HOT single. "It's A New Year" off upcoming release STREETS ELEVATED scheduled to release in March.    Twitter [@Sir7Nasty4] | Youtube | Twitter [@GraveyardEnt]

#GameOver by Sir Nasty of Graveyard Entertainment (@Sir7Nasty4)

Sir Nasty of Graveyard Entertainment continues to hush the critics. He's deemed himself "The Mixtape Killer", divorced Hip Hop, and created this out of box style Horror Music. Sir Nasty is holding nothing back, and making it clear this is not a game. #GAMEOVER by Sir Nasty  Instagram | iTunes  | Twitter  Bookings or Features

Sir Nasty (@SIR7NASTY4) – Insomnia

Graveyard Entertainment's Sir Nasty bringing that real talk. One of the stand out tracks for me is # 7. I'm Doing Better (Dear Hip-Hop) In this ode to hip hop Sir Nasty rides the song cry beat exclaiming, "Fvxk hip hop!", asking the classic question "why you let Wayne say he the best?",

Ladies & Gangsters Vol. 4 – Gunz N Roses – Sir Nasty

Many misunderstand one of the most versatile artist we've met yet. Sir Nasty never cease to amaze us from project to project. Making sure he shows his love, respect and appreciation for the ladies, Sir Nasty drops "Ladies & Gangsters Vol: 4 Gunz N Roses   STREAM