[With Me] – Jennifair (@iamjennifair)


BROOKLYN, NEW YORK | JENNIFAIR Following the unveiling of her latest release Sugar, Jennifair has just laced us with an ear full of heartfelt emotions. Releasing yet another song that will move many, With Me is a timeless piece of artwork. The beauty of Jennifair's voice delivers the lyrics to

[Audio] Sugar – Jennifair (@iamjennifair)

  ¬†Singer, rapper, and songwriter Jennifair has brought a unique style to the music game that no one can re-invent. With her outstanding lyrics when she drops 16 bars to her angelic-like singing voice, this underrated artist is changing the game and affecting the ones around her and those who follow

Love Me – JenniFair (@iamjennifair)

  JenniFair released a fun and colorful new single, and music video called "Love Me". The song has a trendy energetic flow over upbeat, culturally rich rhythms. The finished product is a fusion of JenniFair's unique style, coined "New York - Chicago Hip Hop" with a top 80's or top 90's