Prada 2017 Men’s and Women’s Spring Show

On Sunday June 19th, Miuccia Prada set a napalmic blaze to the runways at Milan Fashion Week. Yes this called for a word not a word; but after browsing photos from the show, I am confident you will all agree. Let us examine the root if you will: na·palm ˈnāˌpä(l)m noun

Rihanna Putting Work Work Work in the Fashion World

Rihanna so far is serving concurrent life sentences to the fashion world from sports and eye wear, to couture. Besides completely annihilating the red carpet at this years Billboard Music Awards, Rihanna's recent collaborations are as jazzy as the island beauty herself. Now I'm from New Orleans; so know when

Kanye West Thinks Fashion Discriminated Against Him for Not Being Gay

Kanye West is sharing some thoughts about breaking into the fashion industry.   "I feel like I got discriminated in fashion for not being gay," he said during an interview with SHOWstudio on Tuesday. "In music, you definitely get discriminated in music if you are gay. It takes amazing talents to break down barriers. Everyone thought that when Frank

Fashion Mogul & Radio Personality Dolce @ATLDolce

 Shantell Sutton, also know as Dolce  a Fashion Stylist, Fashion Designer, Radio Personality and Owner of Simply Elegant Dresses. He graduated from The Arts Institute Of Atlanta with a BFA in fashion. Dolce has recently been invited as a featured designer in New York's Fashion Week. This talented fashion guru has also worked with