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Sir Nasty (@Sir7Nasty4) – American Horror Story: Freak Show


Keeping fluent with his Jason Vorhees theme, world-renowned Horrorcore rapper, Sir Nasty releases his latest mixtape, American Horror Story: Freak Show. The gifted Georgia rapper bravehearts the game with his label Graveyard Entertainment, not compromising his style for fame. In a recent interview, Sir Nasty told one of our PR reps about why he expresses “Fcxk Hip Hop!” in his songs. What it boils down to is this: Hip Hop was poisoned with a bunch of crap music, and elements that should have never been allowed in the cipher. The gatekeepers allowed hip hop culture to be tainted as if it belonged to them. On this ‪‎Friday The 13th‬ I ask you, ride with Sir Nasty down that O.G. road where being YOU is the real cool. The industry said he was too different, then jacked his style for a 1 hit buzz they could not sustain cuz they are NOT him. He closed shop on them boyz; ‪Pun intended‬ “Rock Star” he is that. Sir Nasty welcomes you into the gates of the Graveyard. Let the ‪Freak Show begin! Use hashtag #GYE to get chat with the team on social media. ‬

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