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[Single] Trap Makin A Killin – Blacc Cuzz (@Blacc_Cuzzz) Ft. Hardo










 Trap Makin A Killin

Emerging artist Blacc Cuzz is definitely making noise. This Pittsburgh native holds down his city representing Dream Big Empire.

His newest release “Trap Makin A Killin“, featuring fellow Pittsburgh native Hardo is an ode to the trap houses and back streets feared by most. Blacc Cuzz & Hardo claim to be doing quite will in the trenches as this video showcases the raw sound and talent of Cuzz next to the refined lyricism of Hardo. Blacc Cuzz’s other releases this year include: “Dope N Da Blender” and “Made“, where he continues to fuel his fans with trap influenced wordplay and over all authenticity.




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