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[Audio] Sugar – Jennifair (@iamjennifair)


 Singer, rapper, and songwriter Jennifair has brought a unique style to the music game that no one can re-invent. With her outstanding lyrics when she drops 16 bars to her angelic-like singing voice, this underrated artist is changing the game and affecting the ones around her and those who follow her.


With her first official debut album “Tale of Two Cities” dropping early 2017, she has already started the movement by giving us “Love Me” and the popular “Pick Up Lines” that is already on the airwaves in several New York radio stations.


The third single “Sugar,” from the album “Tale of Two Cities” tops them all with her soulful, energetic, swing-like style. Sugar shows Jennifair’s versatility with both rapping and singing all rolled into one. Sugar tells a story of a person like herself getting the girl of their dreams by being both smooth and confident.  Jennifair shows both in this record, with her drive and great personality.


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