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Single: I Hate It Here – Lil Donald (@IamLilDonald) Prod. Yung Lan

Lil Donald has grown to be one of my favorite independent creatives, his consistency is impressive. Showcasing he knows how to relate to the masses of his audience. Taking how so many of us feel including me and placing it on a track. Once again, he couldn’t be more right on this latest release I Hate It Here.


Although he may be speaking on where he’s from, Atlanta, Georgia, this seems to be a worldwide epidemic. There are many out here acting rich, having body alterations, and mad because they’re broke instead of working harder to change their situations. He then goes on to address this belief many have that wearing fake jewelry is cool too. Some may call it hating, but somebody has to give us the truth. Stream I Hate It Here on your favorite platform to see what else Lil Donald has to say.




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