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[Single] Like Ice – Clyde Kelly (@whoisclydekelly)


Hailing from Raleigh, NC, Clyde Kelly grew up singing in church choir. In college, he spent his time freestyling and writing poetry, eventually catching the attention of indie label Halliburton Productions and inking a deal. In early 2015, he moved to Long Beach, CA to develop his sound and wrote 100+ tracks over 18 months as potential cuts for his debut project, Not Rich Yet. He released that LP on November 1, 2016. With minimal promotion, he has racked up over one million streams on Spotify. 

While his songs fit most neatly in the category of hip-hop, he rails against categorization, adopting the moniker “genre killer.” His lyrics call for progress and unity with an optimistic, carefree attitude, but subtle melodic twists and lyrical connotations acknowledge the less rosy realities of life. Now launching his sophomore EP, LRx, CK has never been short on drive or business savvy. Not Rich Yet divulged a deep self-awareness and self-confidence, but also a ruthless work ethic. That coupled with his creative and strategic thoughtfulness will make him a musical force to be reckoned with in the coming years. 


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