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Single: Body Talk [Remix] JayQ The Legend (@JayQTheLegend) Ft. Hood Celebrityy

JayQ The Legend exploded onto the scene with his debut EP and single ‘Body Talk’ this summer and now New Orleans artist has unveiled his single remix, ‘Body Talk’, which features a guest appearance from hip-hop / Dancehall artist Hood Celebrityy.

His catchy signing showcases his West Indian influence and sexy lyrics and Hood Celebrity adds her charismatic lyrical flavor for the robust collaboration.

JayQ has been touring the United States beginning Summer 2019, after kicking off his “Body Talk” release at the Midem music festival and the BreakOut Music Yacht Concert in Cannes, France. His exponentially growing global appeal is fueled by his raw, passionate, masculine vibe and the driving beat of his music; both of which travel effortlessly across borders and languages. While he considers sleep to be his superpower, given his hectic schedule, the creative genius might find rest, but one thing is certain, JayQ will never be slept on.



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