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Single: Bag – Grizzo (@GrizzoGotNext)


Born and raised in Miami, FL this Haitian-American rapper has always enjoyed music. But it wasn’t until his friends encouraged him a great deal that he began to take rapping seriously. His friends say that he had a natural ability for rhyming. His unique voice was an added bonus.

In a time when many rappers are entertaining audiences with songs about lives they may never actually live and things that they may never actually do, Grizzo’s relatable lyrics are refreshing. He raps about situations, experiences, and topics that he goes through and lives, making his content have mass appeal.

Grizzo says his latest release Bag came into fruition simply due to 

wanting to do better and focusing on progressing, and leveling up. You don’t need the nicest car to show that you’ve progressed. You can have a 20-year-old car you bought for $500 bucks, that breaks down when the wind blows, 5 years later purchase a 2014 Honda Civic. To me, that’s leveling up. Sometimes you gotta “Go For The Bag” and when you chase that you have you no choice but to do better.


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