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Public Enemy – Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos #FlashBackFriday

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“The hunt is on… and YOU’re the prey!” – Mr. Butler (Charles S. Dutton)

Let us flashback for all the bloodshed and innocence lost in this ongoing battle. Great leaders in entertainment like Chuck D, KRS-One, the late Chris Lighty, and many more have been preparing us for these very onslaughts for decades. With the chaotic mix of rap and hip hop, I suppose much of it got lost in translation. The bait of being “Ni**as with attitudes” was hastily taken; but it is after all HIStory – not ours. It’s past time to take remove the wool my people. Love yourselves enough to help, encourage, and uplift those around you. Doomed is the pimp, dealer, or con-man mindset; I promise you it leads to nothing but despair. We are born from royal blood lines as well! So as you celebrate independence today, take a firm stance and really take that independence. Shop with your people as much as you can to strengthen our economic footprint. There’s a war on these streets people. Don’t get lost in the smoke screens. The “Panem et Circensus” method is heavily in practice. Stay woke beautiful people. Peace. 


They want us to kill ourselves.” – Jason “Furious” Styles (Laurence Fishburne)

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