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Prada 2017 Men’s and Women’s Spring Show

On Sunday June 19th, Miuccia Prada set a napalmic blaze to the runways at Milan Fashion Week. Yes this called for a word not a word; but after browsing photos from the show, I am confident you will all agree. Let us examine the root if you will:

  1. a highly flammable sticky jelly used in incendiary bombs and flamethrowers, consisting of gasoline thickened with special soaps.

Evident even in the above featured photograph, appropriately taken by fashion icon Declan Chan, the Spring 2017 collection is overflowing with bleeding edge blends of color and style. With very focused and intentional projections, the venue’s rainbow colored lighting flowed harmoniously with each look.

YouTube Video Source: FF Fatale FashionIII – Twitter: Luciano Burgos

PRADA 2017

Image Source – Vogue Photo: Courtesy of Lodovico Colli Di Felizzano / @lodoclick

I never thought I would see socks and sandals worn anywhere on a young person; yet here I sit reading about how Miuccia Prada has transformed this once laughable pairing that only granddads would wear, into a one a high fashion outdoors-man would rock to the Alps and back. Each look has its own distinctive element that absolutely scorches be it your personal style or not. I found myself visually stuck to this bold, and spicy fashion presentation; hence my new word, napalmic. Well done Miuccia Prada… well done.







Visit PRADA’s official website for more information, photos, and video.

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