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Interview: Fashion Model Niya Rose

Niya Rose was born in Brooklyn New York. She arrived in Atlanta, Georgia as a teen and quickly became interested in the up and coming acting and modeling scene. In 2016 Niya decided to try her hand at modeling and fell in love immediately. It wasn’t long before she was being booked as a model for hair and makeup companies and even hired as brand ambassador for Atlanta based mink lash company “B.A.D. Luxury Lashes”.
She soon after added acting to her resume, landed a few fill roles for shows filmed in the Atlanta area including the popular show “Green Leaf”. Niya Rose’s professional worth ethic is unmatched and her hustle is recognized by photographers, designers, and producers. Whether its fashion modeling, runway shows or acting, she delivers a vision full of life!
Niya Rose was also the first model to appear on our podcast Turn It Up Tuesdays, during this unscripted interview, the Fashion Model opened up about personal challenges she overcame. Opening up about getting bullied growing up, as well as not feeling her appearance was good enough. That inspired her to pursue modeling. Learn more about the Fashion Model listening to our interview.




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