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Interview: Hip hop Artist Korey Buckets (@KoreyBuckets)

Born and raised in South-side Jamaica, Queens, New York, Korey Hines (stage name – Korey Buckets) epitomizes an eighties baby raised in the Hip hop culture. Buckets grew up in a musical family, with his father a percussionist and his mother a gospel vocalist; music has engulfed him since birth.

His stage name is a reflection of his propensity and passion of his favorite sport (he played basketball at an elite level since his youth). Korey Buckets is part of a music group called Pounds of Cake, consisting of Korey Buckets, L.B. as the artist, and 3 producers C Lee, Beat Drop and Gnac Beats. 
L.B is from the west coast of California. C Lee is from Flint, Michigan. Beat Drop is from Detroit, and Gnac Beats is from Queens. Due to them all being from different regions their sound is different. The Pounds of Cake sound is a dawning of a new era of music which they have coined as “Hip/Pop”.

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