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Please Help The Family of 13 Year Old Kente Summers

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13 Year Old Kente Summers dreams of going pro in the NFL were snatched away last Saturday when a U.S. Post Service Mack tractor-trailer crashed into a vehicle he was riding in. Kente’s coach/step-dad, two younger brothers, and best friend were also in the car. According to FOX KC, the NFL hopeful was headed to a football game at Ruskin High School when the truck crashed into their car at about 8:30 a.m. at the intersection of 18th and Benton in Kansas City, Mo. No charges have been filed against the 59-year old driver of the postal truck. 
The tragic, and unfortunate task of burying young Kente is proving far more difficult financially than buying football uniforms or cleats. At only 13, with presumably his whole life ahead of him, Kente’s family had no burial insurance. So while life goes on for the driver who according to witnesses was speeding, and failed to break, the lives of the Summers family have been violently toppled, and will never be the same. Please reach out to Fathers Advocacy Founder Byron Cole for details on where to donate to the family. Mr. Cole can be reached at (504) 617-3080 or at the Fathers Advocacy page on Facebook. 

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