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Open Letter to the 14/15 Lorain High Titans

I would like to thank each and every one of you. Thank you for the memories you all stirred up during your incredible season. Thank you for the excitement and bringing excitement to your city.

It reminds me of a time when Lorain had more than one high school inLorain-team-assembly the city. At one point, Lorain had six high schools. Yes, there were enough people in Lorain to fill up six high schools. There was Southview High School for the south side. Then there was Lorain High School and Admiral King for the westsiders and eastsiders. Clearview High School had their own niche of the city and Lorain Catholic High School for parents who didn’t want to send their children to public school.

I can’t speak much to Lorain High. My freshman year was the final year of the school’s existence. I played a few games there as a Southview Saint. I do remember their final team made an incredible run similar to yours. When Lorain High closed I remember people were worried about fights and violence spilling over to the new schools. It turned out there was nothing to be worried about. The incoming students still had love for their former school there were no hard feelings. I remember knowing a lot of the people that transferred to Southview. We felt for them losing their school and ours being crowded. We all dealt with it together.

I do remember very clearly playing games against Admiral King. I remember going picking up food from Subway or Burger King near Southview and eating with the team talking about the big game. I remember coming out and seeing how excited the crowds were. I remember pulling, pushing and arguing with our enemies on the court and then after wards hanging out with them as if we almost never came to blows.

I miss the small things I took for granted during those years. There are things you will go through during this time in your life that you will miss just as much as I do. I miss putting on the uniform representing your school. You are only one of twelve that gets the privilege. I miss going on road trips and sometimes even overnight stays with teammates. It felt like that time in my life was forever and in a blink of an eye fifteen years flies by.

I am thankful I got to see your run this year. Not only did it bring back those memories but it gave the city excitement. You helped repair cracks in the different sides of the city. West, East and South sides all came together to cheer for you. Saints, Steelmen and Admirals all came out to see you play.
So again I say thank you for uniting your city. Thank you for bringing memories to us that can no longer fly through the air or run suicides. More importantly thank you for motivating the young people that will follow you. You are super heroes to all of the middle school and grade school students. You have made it cool to get good grades. You have made it cool to go to school. Those children will give you memories fifteen years from now.


Robert J. Moore
Southview Saint
Lorain High Titan

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