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Old School New School – Sir Nasty (@Sir7Nasty4)



From the start of this track, you will feel like you are at a dope Hip-hop spot listening to some true emcees surrounded by true fans and a live band. This track has a true throwback vibe. Some fans may get confused by the “F*ck Hip-hop” message that finds its way into a lot of Sir Nasty’s music and feel like this track is out of character for the self-proclaimed “Gothic Gangster” and maker of ‘Horror Music. 


This track will help clear up confusion and confirms that Sir Nasty loves Hip-Hop, just not necessarily the current era, that seems to follow what he initially was drawn to. The flow is very in pocket with the mellow beat and still pushes the personality of this artist within the parameters of the old school feeling by letting it be known that he is new, but not a “New School” and is (as he recently tweeted) “All School” when it comes to what he does. Whether you’re a Hip-Hop Head or just a casual fan who enjoys music that sounds good, this track satisfies all and proves that artists can come different and yet stay true to who they are when it comes to content.


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