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[Mixtape] Underground Renegade – Sir Nasty (@Sir7Nasty4)

Friday The 13th: Underground Renegade

Underground Renegade is 20 tracks and has all the elements that current fans know and love about any Sir Nasty project . The self-proclaimed Underground King, doesn’t care about the tag on the beat. As he says, “leave the tag on the beat, I just eat, you can keep the receipt.”

There are several smooth tracks with meaningful lyrics that will keep heads bobbing. There are not as many “W.T.F” lines as the last Friday The 13th release, Disturbed VII: The Black Inferno, but there is much more of a spiritual gangster tone to many of the tracks.

Sir Nasty lays down smooth tracks over beats that never hide the voice or intent of song. Sir Nasty shows that he is still unapologetic, anti-Hip-Hop on this latest release. The Bandcamp  version of the release will feature tracks not available for streaming, while sites such as Tidal, Spotify, and iTunes feature bonus tracks previously unreleased on streaming sites.

Much like previous albums, new fans can start here and still feel like they are getting to know the artist known as Sir Nasty without having to hear previous projects first. The music is consistent in message and yet different in content delivery from all other projects, which seems to be Sir Nasty’s gift.

If you enjoy rap music, but not necessarily in the current popular form and you want to hear a fresh perspective from an artist who is not controlled by money, mainstream, or media, this is an album you need to hear.




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