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Making Noise Worldwide, Muva’s Model Magic!


Lola “Makeup Muva” Sykes has propelled herself through following her imagination and heart. Encompassing the desire to not only excel as a black woman small business owner but to also inspire togetherness amongst women.


The former Hairstylist from Brooklyn, New York fell in love with makeup in 2012 and was determined to be the best at makeup application by studying the science behind facial features, and skin tones. That love turned into a full business that has allowed Lola to step into model coaching, photography, makeup education, content creator and so much more


What started out as an idea has come to fruition, and now coming off the completion and release of

Season 2 for Muva’s Model Magic.



Muva and her production assistant Lisa J.

are getting a great response worldwide.

Receiving recognition all the way from Guadalupe of the West Indies


Kari Culture, ZCL News, and Events Culturels by Naheelah.


Talking With Muva:


Q: What was the purpose behind creating a show of this style?

A: The purpose of the show was to market my other talents such as content creation, casting directing and producing amongst other things. The reason I chose Muva’s Model Magic is that I wanted to shed light on the real lives of models on different levels.


Q: What are your thoughts on Season 1?

A: I was happy with the outcome, kind of shocked that everyone loved it too. I saw many opportunities to learn and better my skills for the taping and release of Season 2.


Q: How did Season 2 of Muva’s Model Magic differ from Season 1?

A: Season 2 almost did not happen for so many reasons. Although we had 6 months to prepare instead of just two months like Season 1, so many obstacles came up. But once filming started everything fell into place and I used what was learned from Season 1 and applied it to Season 2. Also, the models where older, so the energy was different, in a good way.


Q: How do you decide the type of music and artists to feature on the show?

A: For the first season, I reached out to artists on my own, but for Season 2, I had a Music Supervisor that did such a wonderful job with the music it made my job so much easier. I love Season 2’s soundtrack


Q: We all want to know. Will there be a Season 3?

A: Absolutely. I plan to take my time with season 3. There is a lot more I would like to do with the show and get more creative with the challenges.


Have you seen Season 2?


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