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Luna Starz Management 1st Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser

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You’re Cordially Invited to Precious Pink Memories Friday October 17, 2014 7 PM-10 PM

Ladies ​glamour up in your fav​ pink fashion, or just your favorite show stopping fashion, and go support this powerful cause! Luna Starz Management, in collaboration with Mogul Media LLC, and Tropical 128, are celebrating life, and new beginnings for breast cancer survivors. The night includes live musical performances, special celebrity guests, spoken word, and DJ Lion King spinning. Arrive early and enjoy an open bar wrist band, and tons of networking opportunities. Mark your calendars, and please spread the word about Precious Pink Memories.

This year more than 2.8 million women with a history of breast cancer have been documented in the U.S. alone. Although the number survivors have been climbing since 1989, there are still very serious voids in the areas of treatment, and support that Precious Pink Memories would like to address. A popular tagline once rang in our homes, and still holds true that “knowing is half the battle.” For women suffering from chronic conditions however, knowing can be the entire battle. From the most intimate of concerns like various symptoms, and where to turn for treatment, to support groups, and popular therapeutic methods, it is often challenging to find a guidance through these difficult times. With the success of their annual Precious Pink Memories Breast Cancer Awareness Event, Luna Starz will be that guidance for women in need. This festive evening will be the first of many, here to honor, love, and support women. Proceeds from the fundraiser will be donated to American Cancer Society “Making Strides” walk. Luna Starz is dedicated to making all your pink memories precious! 

Where: Tropical 128 

128 Elizabeth Street

New York, NY 10013 

When: October 17, 2014 7 PM-10 PM 

Come one, come all! $20 Donation $50 Open Bar

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