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Lorain Deserves Tim Carrion




A few years ago I made the decision to become more involved in the community. I attended community meetings, local sporting events and attended entertainment events showcasing local and independent artists.  The venues varied and the people involved covered all demographics.  Throughout all the variants there remained one constant, a tall thin man in a suit.


A year later I realized attending events and monetary support was not enough.  I could do more for the community that raised me.  I then decided to get active.  I participated in groups that were making a positive and direct impact on the community.  I was rolling up my sleeves and getting to work. While I was working with these different groups I once again noticed the same thin man in a suit also was working in the trenches.


Long before Tim Carrion, new president of CHIP, Coalition for Hispanic Progress, July 25. Steve Manheimhe thought about running for mayor, Tim Carrion has been serving the community.  He has worked with the high profile established community in Lorain.  He has also worked hand in hand on a street level with the majority who has gone unrepresented for a long time.   He has genuinely engaged all the groups he has been a part of.  He has provided calm and steady leadership in groups that featured members of all races, religious beliefs, political parties, genders, sexual orientations and economic background.  The people fighting for the future of Lorain all have a confidence in Tim Carrion.


Last winter my car broke down in the middle of a winter storm.  The car repair shop that promised to fix my car took me for $400.00.  I called an organizer of a meeting to let him know I couldn’t attend his community organizing meeting because I was stuck in Oberlin.  He asked me if I needed someone to come and get me.  I told him yes and he told me to hold on.  A few minutes later I get a phone call.  It was Tim Carrion who had decided to run for mayor.  He told me he was going to come get me.  At this time we did not know each other well.  I knew he was busy getting organized to launch his campaign.  He took time out his hectic day to come all the way to Oberlin to pick me up. I thanked him for going out of his way.  His reply was that’s what people should do for each other.


There was another committee working in the community that was having a meeting at a local Subway.  We were getting ready to start the meeting when Tim Carrion walked in and worked with the group to get organized with our goals.


Another time I was meeting with a local group.  I was given an address where the meeting was being held.  I pulled up in the driveway and a car in the driveway looked familiar.  I knocked on the door and it was answered by Tim Carrion.  Not only did he offer his home for the meeting but he was extremely ill.  Despite being sick, Tim still led the meeting.


I recently walked into a convenience store and a neighbor who spotted a Tim Carrion sign in my yard asked me why I was breaking away from my political party to vote for someone who was inexperienced.  I began telling him the reasons why I was voting for Tim when someone overheard our conversation.  Another man chimed in and said Tim was currently helping his nonprofit group with writing a grant to provide services for children in Lorain.  Tim is doing all of this while running his campaign.  All of these groups and community members would understand if Tim was too busy and dropped out of participating in community activities and committees.  Being a man of integrity Tim Carrion still worked with the same groups and organizations he always has long before he thought of running for mayor.


On November 3rd, the people of Lorain has a choice to make.  The people can go the path already traveled and seen those results or can choose a different route.  The people have an opportunity to choose one of their one.  It doesn’t matter if you live in the projects or on the lake.  It doesn’t matter who you pray to.  It doesn’t matter what color your skin is.  Tim Carrion is one of you. Tim will be vital when it comes to working with groups and organizations as he’s always done.  In a time where partisanship holds Lorain’s community back, Tim Carrion is the candidate to bring everyone together as he’s always done.  Tim Carrion is the candidate to work hard giving Lorain its best chance as he’s always done.  Most politicians only come around when it’s time to vote.  In many cases, you never see any candidates in public.  They never come to the ‘real’ Lorain.  They campaign amongst comfortable people they know. They assume the ‘real’ people of Lorain will not bother to vote.  This is why Tim Carrion is a public servant and not a politician.  Tim has gone and talked to every area of Lorain.  He even helped with activities in the heart of Lorain’s projects.  If you are thinking Tim Carrion went to these areas to win votes think again.  Tim has been serving all the people of Lorain long before he thought about running for mayor.


Will things instantly change if Tim Carrion is elected mayor?  Is he the absolute answer to all of the city’s pains?  No.  No one person can foster change by themselves. It’s going to take the entire community rolling up their sleeves and getting to work.  It is clear that Tim Carrion is the only candidate that can bring the diverse community of people covering all races, religions, genders, sexual orientations and economic backgrounds with diverse thoughts, feelings and opinions and lead the way to the work that will bring forth the positive changes Lorain needs.  How can anyone be so sure of this?


Because Tim Carrion has already been doing these things long before he thought of being mayor.  On November 3rd the people of Lorain must vote for the leader they deserve, Tim Carrion.


Robert J. Moore                                                                                                                                                              MooreWriting Publishing                                                                                                                      

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