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KittySpeaks – Exclusive My Wedding Storytime Video

For those of you who have been wanting to hear a little bit of the scoops about my wedding, I decided to make a small video for you. I am now Mrs. Boyd. I know I was kinda suspiciously quiet on the subject on social media but that’s just because I am a very private person. You will notice that my posts tend to lean towards health ¬†issues if they have to do with me but rarely if ever do I post anything PERSONAL, personal and that is completely intentional.

I will tell you that I ended up getting married twice in September! Yup! Twice! My husband just came up to me one day and said that he thought it would be a great idea if we could say that we could say that we could say that we got married twice in the same month and so that is exactly what we did! We were supposed to keep it a secret but apparently when guests were asking him the day of our church wedding if he were nervous he answered “no, because we already got married!” LOL!!! So much for that secret. So I have two wedding anniversaries…9/1/16 and 9/17/16. Mr. Boyd told me a couple days after the wedding that he would “mess around and marry me again on the 30th because he bet that no one could say they got married three times in the same month.” The minister was all for it but he later told me it was a joke. I’m really glad it was because let me tell you, there is nothing more draining than getting married.

So, some exclusive tea that you won’t hear anywhere else but here? Well, in my wedding photos you’ll see that I look like I’m hardly wearing any makeup. That’s because I’m not! What happened was as guests started arriving at the church some of them decided that they wanted to make a pit-stop at the room that I was getting dressed in and I was inexplicably really, Really emotional. I saw an aunt that I had seen recently. I mean she had just come to visit me at one of my extended hospital stays…nearly every day (well, that’s an exaggeration but she did come 2 or 3 days for sure!) There was literally no reason for me to start crying but I cried off my “waterproof” makeup and decided that I was not going to take the time to reapply it because I have a thing about being on time. When my Christian Dior Ultra Cafe Shiniest Chestnut Lipstick broke I decided that I was walking down the aisle with bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie lipgloss in Maverick on my lips and nothing else. I had on no eyelashes, only a contour shade of eyeshadow, some mascara and NARS Orgasm blush only on my face. I had cried so much that everyone I hugged had my foundation on their clothes and I was ended up apologizing over and over again but everyone wanted to hug me anyway!! And the only other snafu is that one of my maid of honors wasn’t wearing her dress and she arrived at the church at exactly 2:00 which was when my wedding was supposed to start. My colors were pink and silver and she arrived in a grey and black dress. I had her walk down the aisle on the arm of her best man just like that so in my pictures there is one lady in a lovely pink dress and silver shoes and one lady in a black and grey dress and black shoes but hey – life happens! What was important was my groom and I and we were there and we got married and we were happy! For those of you wondering why I was seated during parts of the ceremony; it’s because of my illness. I was seated intentionally so as not to tire me out and make me sick and cause a flare that would cause me to have to leave the ceremony in pain and miss the reception. FYI That is exactly what ended up happening! I ended up going home and missing my reception! LOL!! So that is that scoop, you heard it here first and you’ll here it here ONLY!

I’ve decided to include exclusive wedding pics just for my blog readers. You won’t find this pictures anywhere else on my social media because again, I am too private a person. So, just for you, here are some pictures from my wedding day to enjoy after you watch the video and don’t forget to share, comment, like and SUBSCRIBE if you’re not a subbie on my channel. I’d love to have you! Don’t forget to turn your notifications on so that you don’t miss any of my videos. And just an FYI, for some reason YT has been glitching and knocking subscribers off of channels. If you find that you haven’t been receiving notifications for my videos and your other favorite YouTubers, just check and see if you’re still subscribed. I’ve personally lost over a thousand subscribers!!! You may need to resubscribe more than once. I don’t know what the problem is but I noticed it several months ago and I’m just noticing other YouTubers complaining about it as well. Just resubscribe until the issue gets resolved. In the meantime, enjoy the video and the exclusive pics!

Love, Peace and Hairgrease

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