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Kitty Speaks: Adam Saleh Kicked Off of Delta Airlines Flight for Speaking Native Language

YouTuber Adam Saleh Kicked Off Delta Airlines while speaking Arabic

Hey, Y’all!

YouTuber Adam Saleh was kicked off Delta Airlines flight today for speaking Arabic. This just happened 4 hours ago! He vlogged about it and posted the video on his Facebook page.


So far the video has gotten nearly 10 million views and counting and he’s asking everyone to spread the word so I am doing my part.


Personally I feel that this is so disgusting, and flat-out racist. The idea that you can pay your money for a flight and not be comfortable enough to speak your native tongue without the worry of being kicked off the plane is mind-boggling! This is just so absurd that it just almost defies logic. I mean, where they do that at? Where?! Out of all the things in my life that I have been advised to sue someone over, this is something that I’d have to say, if this were me, I wouldn’t hesitate, not for an instant! This is vulgar and disgusting and so insulting. He deserves a full refund, a public apology and a huge settlement. Not necessarily in that order.


Is this type of behavior indicative of the hysteria created by the actions of the extremists who sow violence and fear in the hopes of destabilizing our culture? Innocent people on planes who are holding conversations with their loved ones suffer but the humiliation, anger and dehumanization that he had to suffer through, how can he ever be repayed for that? And the really, really awful part…because of the Isis attack that took place yesterday in Berlin, Delta Airlines probably feels that they were in the right for their behavior and probably won’t even care to try to answer for the damage caused to Adam and his loved ones.


Delta – Get it together!

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