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Janet Jackson – “No Sleeep” (Lyric Video)


After seven years  from the music industry, pop diva, Janet Jackson releases “No Sleeep.”  A classic, smooth,  and seductive track produced by longtime music partners Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.  As fans of Janet Jackson, this was  a great welcome back track. Thank goodness for the reunite to create refreshing music. What are your thoughts on her latest release?  Leave a comment, and let us know your thoughts.janet-jackson-black-and-white

You’re missing me, I’m missing you
Whenever we meet, we ain’t gonna get no sleep
When I get to be together with you
It’s fait accompli, we ain’t gonna get no sleep

(Verse 1)
A vision rolling round in my head
But I don’t really talk about it
I’m loving what you’re doing to me
And I don’t wanna do without it
Day and night, I dream of us doing whatever
But I guess I’ll have to wait until that day comes

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
48 hours in love
It oughta be a weekend marathon
So you better get ready, my king
Cause I’ma be the queen of insomnia
Stay wide awake
For every moment we spend together
Cause every second you’re awake
Feels like forever

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

Don’t have time to sleep but we can dream
So think outside the box, my baby
Show me how much you are missing me
I’ll read between the lines
And I sure hope it rains

We ain’t gonna get no sleep
We ain’t gonna get no sleep
We ain’t gonna get no sleep




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