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Interview: Author & Philanthropist Kenni York (@KenniYork) hosted by Magi Love

Author and Philanthropist Kenni operates under her mantra making a difference and not just a dollar. Kenni York doesn’t merely emphasize a person; it denotes a living, walking, thriving brand.

In 2012, Kenni founded Kenni Enterprises, a literary firm that specializes in ghostwriting, editing, freelance magazine articles, new author consultations, and creative writing courses. It is her goal to help other aspiring authors to get their stories in print. To date, Kenni has ghostwritten and edited over forty titles for authors ranging in genre from Poetry to Urban Fiction, and Christian fiction.

In 2013, Kenni decided to create a community service component to her rapidly growing literary firm, Kenni Enterprises. As a sexual abuse survivor, Kenni felt obligated to create an opportunity to not only educate her community about the epidemic but to also help victims and survivors find their voices.

Hence the creation of Let Your Voice Be Heard, an annual benefit event that raises funds for organizations providing services and resources to survivors as well as providing talented individuals with a platform to share their artistry for the sake of raising awareness.

Most importantly, survivors are provided with a new outlet in which to seek the assistance and compassion that they need. With these accomplishments, Kenni’s grassroots initiative is continually building upon its success in increasing community awareness.

With a clear mission full of determination, Kenni places herself in various and considerably unexpected platforms to reach those who may need to hear her testimony of survivorship.





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