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Head Wraps for the Lazy

Head wraps are known to be worn by the traditional African woman.  Today, they’re more of a fashion statement and a way of hiding a bad hair day.  The various African prints represent stories.  When worn, whether for tradition, style or laziness, the cloth transforms into a crown on your head.  Stars like Solange Knowles and June Ambrose show their style and pride through their wraps.  Check out some interesting wraps and places to shop the look!

Solange Knowles

Photo Credit:

June Ambrose

Photo Credit: Instagram/JuneAmbrose

Here I am in a Fanm Djanm head wrap

Marsha B.

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The head Wraps below can also be found on Fanm Djanm.  Need a tutorial on how to wrap your head?  Look below!

wrap1 wrap2 wrap3 wrap4 wrap5

Photo Credit: Instagram/FanmDjanm


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