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Exclusive Rap Pack Interview

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The self proclaimed “black roses that rose from the concrete” laid this exclusive down with Revolt TV detailing the release of their new album. It’s a tall task to take on the burden of carrying a city like New Orleans on your back; but that’s exactly what these three natives are driven to do. In honor of the city’s post Katrina growth, The Rap Pack is releasing the album on August 27th. K. Gates, Show, and Y. Luck make up the popular trio composing such hits as Black Women Ft Keith Jacobs, as seen on BET Music Matters campaign. Such bravado and consistency I can dig it. I salute these guys! Oh and Diddy did too! 

I gotta show love to @TheRapPack for holdin down the spirit of New Orleans!!! Keeping hope alive through music!!
— Diddy (@iamdiddy) August 12, 2013

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