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Conan O’Brien High

Wherever Wiz Khalifa goes, the Khalifa Kush follows. Like Snoop, you can’t have Wiz on your show without Wiz lighting up a fatty.


Conan recently had him on as a guest to play Gears of 4 War and to “mellow out”, Wiz brought a joint–and also rolled one for Conan. The result is a pretty nice segment in which we see why Conan is the best late night host: cause he takes a hit of marijuana on live TV.


Check out this prime example of weed bringing an unlikely pair together in the best of ways:

So Wiz is a vegetarian and takes his video games seriously while Conan can only handle a couple of puffs of a joint before he puts it out and really loves potato salad.


Conan is on TBS so he can get away with this stuff, whereas non-cable stations like CBS and NBC would likely not let this stunt fly. Either way, it’s pretty amazing to see marijuana get smoked on a major television station owned by a major media company (Turner).


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