[Interview] – Insight on “Who’s Is Boogs Malone – @BoogsMalone


ORLANDO, FLORIDA | BOOGS MALONE Born in Germany, raised in Orlando, FL oldest of five kids. Boogs Malone is an American songwriter, and emcee that models his music mostly from experience. Growing up in Georgia, and Florida with 2 military parents had its ups and downs. Boogs found his way of

[Interview] – Choppin’ It Up With Rhyme Scheme – @OmegaSons

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA | RHYME SCHEME A rising Hip Hop artist making his claim to fame into Hip Hops mainstream. Having grown up in Detroit’s inner city, serving a tour in Iraq, and adapting to the diversity in California.  Rhyme Scheme delivers evocative messages through his lyrical talents, that are quickly gaining