Fashion Mogul & Radio Personality Dolce @ATLDolce

 Shantell Sutton, also know as Dolce  a Fashion Stylist, Fashion Designer, Radio Personality and Owner of Simply Elegant Dresses. He graduated from The Arts Institute Of Atlanta with a BFA in fashion. Dolce has recently been invited as a featured designer in New York's Fashion Week. This talented fashion guru has also worked with

Head Wraps for the Lazy

Head wraps are known to be worn by the traditional African woman.  Today, they're more of a fashion statement and a way of hiding a bad hair day.  The various African prints represent stories.  When worn, whether for tradition, style or laziness, the cloth transforms into a crown on your

Marshbar’s Closet by Marsha B.

Brooklyn resident Marsha B., opens her closet to the world through her fashion blog, MarshBar's Closet.  In addition to maintaining her own site, the former fashion stylist is also a contributor to Everything Girls Love and Pretty Girls Sew Magazine. Skilled in finding celebrity looks for less and shopping affordable