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Black Summer 9.15.13 via @YelzUFly

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Yelz  Black SummerI’m excited to hear this new Yelz Black Summer” EP on September 15. This is an artist who’s all about putting in the necessary work to achieve desired results. Yelz informs me that Black Summer will be her most lyrical project, as well as her first EP full of original tracks. “I put a lot of effort into not simplifying my reality, yet speaking the truth and giving a visual and also a piece of who I am. This EP has some of my most personal lyrics. I went through some life changing event last year Black Summer was my therapy.” Official track list, artwork, and first single will be released on September 1st. Check out Yelz latest video “Rock Steady” here. The video below, Created A Monster,  is from Yelz “Concrete Jungle mixtape. Check it out and follow +YELZ U FLY on Google + and @YelzUFly on Twitter for the latest events and media updates.

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