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Black Ink New York Owner (@CeaserBlackInk) Plays Drug Kingpin in Home of the Hittaz

Caesar Emanuel, star of the VH1 Reality Series “Black Ink Crew” lands a role on the popular New York web series “Home of the Hittaz” directed by Shakim Hines. Much like his role at Black Ink, Caesar plays a businessman in the series. While in real life Caesar runs a 100% legitimate tattoo parlor, on the show he plays a venomous character by the name of “Big Biz” Harlem power player, and plug on large quantities of hardcore drugs. Seeing Caesar play a drug kingpin was different but after researching production it all makes perfect sense. Caesar is involved in a lot of positive projects that move communities, and minority businesses forward. Clink Heat Films is no exception.


Rooted in East New York’s public housing, Home of the Hittaz is a spin off from Hines’ controversial mini series “Far Rockaway After Sandy” parts 1-6. Filmaker Shakim Hines came from very humble beginnings. Growing up in the Edgemere Houses in Far-Rockaway, Queens, Hines has not always seen the world through such a prosperous lens. As the old adage goes however, “life is what you make it” no matter where you live. Shakim did not let where he came up determine where he’d end up. Instead, Hines developed a strong work ethic and creative goals that landed him a title of CEO of Clink Heat Films. After acquiring a Masters Degree, Shakim created a film company to gives a voice to those who are often unheard. Clink Heat Films actors enter the stage as who they have always been, and what they have always known to be. With cast and crew like Shakim, and Caesar sharing their knowledge in the field, Home of the Hittaz cast is transforming from everyday people to professional actors and actresses striving to be a whole lot more.

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