Don’t Lose Your Social Pass

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Congratulations, a group you didn’t initially belong to has awarded membership.  After a long time of being yourself, studying the culture, learning the language and doing good deeds you are in.  There are many ways to earn your “card”.  You could marry into the culture.  You may have lived within

Winter Survival Tips

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For those of you living in warmer climates I know you luck at us northerners and dream what it would be like to be up here with us enjoying winter.  You imagine the fun of building a snowman, sledding and snowball fights.  You think of us sitting by a hot

Lorain Deserves Tim Carrion

      A few years ago I made the decision to become more involved in the community. I attended community meetings, local sporting events and attended entertainment events showcasing local and independent artists.  The venues varied and the people involved covered all demographics.  Throughout all the variants there remained one constant, a