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[Audio]: The Face Lift – Lady Luck (@IAmLadyLuck)

Lady Luck got her start in the business by freestyling on New York’s Hot 97 morning show while in high school, which ultimately led to her signing a multi-million dollar record deal with Def Jam at only 16 years old. After three years at the label, Luck parted ways to pursue an independent career.


Luck is known for her powerful punch lines and immaculate witty freestyles, which have gained her respect from most of today’s top artists. Because of her passion to partake in new experiences and push herself outside of her comfort zone, Lady Luck has dipped into every part of the creative process in music from performer to writer to producer.


Most recently, Luck has partnered with her girlfriend Somaya Reece to launch a joint record label and television/film production venture, “La Rosa Ent” and “The Greatest Entertainment,” which will house independent artists all while releasing her own album “She God” under the label side.


In the meantime check out her 7 track release FaceLift, and the latest iTunes release Right Now

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